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senior portraits
They are the light. The next generation to lead us all. Ready to be sent off like a beacon of light to ascend to their fullest potential as adults.

Senior portrait sessions capture the last remaining bits of their childhood while celebrating the independent person they are and will grow to be.

In a senior photography session we work together to decide on a few locations before the day of the shoot based on your favorite sports, activities, interests or outfits! I will recommend some locations and we'll choose some locations based on your favorite outfits. We'll do some serious faces and some not so serious faces, I'll give a ton of direction to make you feel comfortable, and make you look amazing in front of the camera. We will capture the person you have become at this milestone in your life in under a few hours. Senior sessions include a few outfit changes and a couple of locations. The result of a senior photography session is an artistic profile of you, capturing the adult you have become and the kid that is still in you!

Senior Photography Pricing for 2022-2023