I love warm lattes on a cold day.
I love the smell of Fall.
I love the first warmth of Spring.

I am a dreamer and an artist.
I see so much beauty in the world.
In the light illuminating a child's eyes,
the shadows playing on your face,
in the hurt that you hold on to and in the joy in your heart.
I see it in your confidence and your insecurities.
I see it in the smiles, the hugs, the way a child presses their face against their mother.
I see it in the connections we have and the emotions we carry with us.
I see beauty everywhere, in everyone.
I am a photographer because I love to capture this beauty for all.

I am a mother of two young children and am most content when they are around, especially when they are asleep. It is my own unimaginable love for them and my family that inspires me as a photographer to capture the special once in a lifetime moments for you.

Please contact Carrie Cheng Photography to book your senior and family photography session in or around Trophy Club, Texas.

- Carrie Cheng