Boutique School Portraiture

April 14, 2017

Alive Center, Naperville
500 West 5th Avenue,
Naperville IL, 60563


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boutique school portraiture

Carrie Cheng Photography offers a more candid and artistic option for school portraits than your average school portrait provider.  Our boutique look provides technically sound images that accentuate each child’s individual personality. We thrive on authenticity and natural expressiveness and don't force a smile, but we love it when we get them. 

Your child's "school" portraits will be taken at the Alive Center.  Your experience will be just like "regular" school portraits but with much different results.  You will select an arrival time, along with the rest of your "class", which is just a few other children arriving at the same time. Like regular school portraits you'll wait a small amount of time and spend less than 2 minutes with the photographer.  The result will be 3-10 images in color and black and white for you to choose from. 

We also up the ante on traditional school portraits by offering sibling sessions. All your kids, one amazing image. $10 to secure a spot.


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boutique images - traditional school prices

School portrait sessions are just that, simple portraits, school portrait prices.  Competitive with your traditional school portrait provider.  Here is just a sample of our pricing.

PACKAGE A  (16x24 PRINT) $45
PACKAGE B  (2 5x7, 1 8x10, 8 wallets)  $45

All image and print purchases and proofing happens on-line.  No paperwork.  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.


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Send your questions to Carrie --> [email protected]

the Alive Center Naperville and Carrie Cheng Photography