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understanding your gallery

If you have reached this page you must have just received the link to view your gallery!   First, thank you for booking Carrie Cheng Photography (www.carriecheng.com) for your maternity, child, senior portrait, wedding or family photography session. I hope you find the images in your collection represent the beauty and connections that exist within your family and yourself.  

Now, let's help you understand what all is in your gallery!  

Your gallery should contain 4 folders (video, web, print, negatives) similar to the image above.   They may not be in this order though...

The first folder is your VIDEO folder.  Always watch your video first!  I like for my clients to see all the images at once, so I put all the images together in a nice little video.   The viewing quality is not as good as the images themselves, but it definitely sets the tone of your gallery.  You cannot download the video, but you can share it with your friends and family by send them the URL or using the SHARE button.   More on SHARING below!

This second folder is your WEB folder.  The WEB folder contains ALL the final edited images from your photography session.   These images all all optimized for viewing on the WEB (aka internet).   Use these files for sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail, etc.  The files in this folder should all end with "-web" so that you can tell them apart from your PRINT images once they are downloaded!  More on downloading and sharing below...

The second folder is your PRINT folder.   This folder also contains ALL the final edited images your photography session.   The images in the PRINT folder however, all all optimized for printing.  While I strongly suggest, even beg, that you print through me to get professional quality prints, I realize you have purchased the images and may want to go a different route.  You may use the images in this folder for printing.   

If you don't have a PRINT folder, it likely means you chose not to purchase the images themselves. 

The NEGATIVES folder contains a limited number of images that show ALL your images similar to those old school film negatives we used to keep around.   These images contain a thumbnail and filename of each of your images.   Use these files for ORDERING prints from me.  To order you will need to send me the filename, the print size you want, and whether you want it in black in white.   If you want you can print the negative sheets, circle the ones you want, and send that to me!  


sharing your images
You can share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail, etc directly from your www.carriecheng.com gallery!  Sharing helps support me and spread the word about my photography, so please don't be shy!

1. To share an entire gallery (e.g. your web gallery) select the SHARE button.   This will pop open the prompt to share the entire gallery where you want.

2.  To share an individual photo you first need to select that photo by double clicking on the thumbnail of that image.   Once that image is open in its open page, you can again select the share button (top right this time!) to share the individual photo on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

downloading your images
Downloading your images is as easy as a touch of a button.   While in your PRINT or WEB folders, simply select the DOWNLOAD button, like this:

carrie-cheng-photography-napervillewww.carriecheng.comDownloading your images from your Carrie Cheng Photography gallery.

That will pop up a question for you to either download all the images in that folder or allow you to select the individual images you want downloaded.  

Carrie Cheng Photography allows you to download your images immediately!

Remember the web sized images end in "-web" so that you can tell them apart from your print sized images.   Your gallery will expire in a year too, so please be sure to download them!   

If you run into any trouble or have any questions please contact me!