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Tired of being home? This might actually be the best time to having your pictures taken.  In this monumentally odd state of things during the COVID-19 pandemic, don't you want to document and remember this?  Don't you want to remember when we all have persevere and do things differently?   Don't you want to continue life as normal?

Photo sessions during a pandemic will look a little different, but the results will be all the same.  I'll provide a ton of direction to help you feel comfortable and look your best.  What I won't do is adjust your hair or touch you in any way to modify your position.  I'll ask family members to help with hair fixes and the like while I keep my distance and my mask on.  I shoot with a long lens, meaning most of time 6 feet is the CLOSEST I'll ever get.  It's awkward not being able to shake hands or even be close, but I respect you as you respect me and we all will respect the guidelines put in the place for us.

The guidelines from the Professional Photographers of America will be followed during our session. 
The most recent guidelines are posted here: 

Clients during this season must sign a COVID-19 Waiver in addition to their session contracts.  In the situation where the CDC changes their guidelines such that we cannot conduct your photography session any session fees will be refunded.  Likewise, if I, you or one of your family members becomes ill your session fee will be refunded.