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Thank you for signing up for the playdate!   As the photographer, I will be in the studio most of the playdate and unable to socialize or even do much hosting.    Below are some rules and expectations to keep the date running smoothly.   

the rules & expectations:

  • Each child will get 15 minutes in the studio!  Please be ready when it's your turn so that we can fit everyone in the schedule.

  • If you are late to your appointment, I will switch you with someone else who has arrived and is waiting.

  • Everyone must sign a photo release form.   I will have some available for you to sign at my house.   Please hand it to me during your photo session time slot.

  • You may pay the $50 SGD in cash or check made out to Carrie Cheng.   Please hand me the payment during your photo session time slot.    You may also pay in advance using Paypal.   Please e-mail me ahead of time @ if you need to pay by PayPal and I will invoice you.

  • Please keep an eye on your child while playing.    We have varied ages of children so not all toys will be age appropriate.   I will be in the studio most of the time and won't be able to help much or socialize :(   Our helper will be around to assist with anything (like finding the bathroom!).   Her name is Verlita.

  • All appropriate toys will be out, please keep children from going through any drawers or cabinets.   

  • Some sections of the dry kitchen will be blocked off, please keep kids away for their safety. (stove, unsecure furniture) and because we also have a large dog that will be kept inside the wet kitchen during the playdate.    Please also keep the children away from the t.v.  It is high up and secure, but not mounted onto a wall!

  • Please wash your and your child's hands upon arrival.   I will supply hand sanitizer!  

  • No sick kiddos!   These photo sessions are in my home (and I have two young kids of my own) and have up to 8 kids in attendance.   Please be respectful of everyone's health if your child becomes ill.   Please e-mail me @ to find a better day and time if your child becomes sick.




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