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Come p lay with our gazzilion toys in our air conditioned home and have professional photos taken of your kiddos! Each child attending gets 15 minutes in my natural light home studio where we will create timeless, artistic photos of you and your children.   The studio shoot is great for creating clear, crisp photos with a strong focus on the subject - your kiddo!   It removes the distraction and (sometimes) clutter that can be in a home setting and distract from the overall image.   Each child will receive 5 final high resolution images.   The cost of the play date + photo session is $50 SGD per child.  


Each play date will last around 2 hours, giving us enough time for around 6-8 kiddos.    Each registered child will receive a specific 15 minute time slot that we will do our best to adhere too.    If you think it will be too hard to pry your kid away from the toys to take pictures, you are welcome to come at your photo session time and play afterwards!  Limited to 6-8 kids.  


Examples of my photography can be found on my Facebook page.




the details:

  • Each child will get 15 minutes in the studio!  Please be ready when it's your turn so that we can fit everyone in the schedule.

  • Only one child per15 minutes.  No group shots.

  • Please RSVP with the correct number of children if you are bringing multiple children.   One RSVP for one child and a +1 for each additional.   Each child will get there own 15 minute time slot.   Each child is charged the $50 SGD fee.

  • Newborns are allowed, but we likely won't have time for any elaborate setups.   Depending on the baby and their mood that day photos might be taken of them laying down or in using mommy or daddy as a backdrop.

  • We will take photographs with one back ground.  There will not be time for multiple backdrops. The background this time will be a very natural off-white / cream (like the photo pictured above).  Soft colors, natural colors, or bright colors for contrast will work best. I do not suggest black or red for this go round.   I'm all for naked kids too as long as they are potty trained or wearing diapers!   No time for cleanup during these sessions!

  • Each child will receive their 5 soft copy high resolution images about one to two weeks after the session. Images will be available via download from my web-site.

  • The payment of $50 SGD is due at or before the photo session.  I accept cash, check, or Paypal. Please e-mail me ahead of time @ if you need to pay by PayPal and I will invoice you.

  • Please feel free to bring your kids favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal if you want it included in the photo! 

  • If you haven't already done so, please e-mail me at with your child(s) name, age, and if there is a time slot that works best for you.   I will do my best to accommodate nap schedules, feeding schedules etc.

  • No sick kiddos!   These photo sessions are in my home (and I have two young kids of my own) and have up to 8 kids in attendance.   Please be respectful of everyone's health if your child becomes ill.   Please e-mail me @ to find a better day and time if your child becomes sick.






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