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Photography packages offer a discount for purchases multiple prints or digital images. Most of my clients are looking for the digital images, so most packages are geared towards providing the digital images. I strongly urge all my clients who purchase images from me to also purchase prints from me. The quality and longevity of the prints are remarkably better and more color accurate than when printed from a public photo printer.  


family photography

Family photography sessions capture the love, connections, and emotions that radiate through a family. I concentrate on capturing these relationships and love between a child and their parents as well as among the children.  I artistically capture each individual child as well as with their siblings and parents and the entire collective family of course!  
Family photography sessions require a $200.00 session fee ($300 for weekends) which includes a 1 - 2 hour photography session with photographer Carrie Cheng and an on-line gallery of 30 (or more) high resolution final images for your viewing and to make your product purchases from.  The session fee does not include either prints or digital images.   Prints and / or images can be purchased separately with no minimum spending required OR you can purchase the basic family package which includes the family photography session + 30 (or more) images + 15 8x10 art prints and costs $900.00.  
Additional family packages can be customized based on your printing needs.

child photography 

Photography of and working with children is one of my favorites. From their little (sometime big) personalities and all their little details, laughs, and energy, I strive to capture the true essence of each child.  In a child session we find their quiet side in soft little moments as well as their active side in running, climbing, laughing, playing or whatever it is that makes your child unique.  The result of a child photography session is an artistic profile of your child, capturing who they are at this fleeting moment in their lives.

In group sessions, we concentrate on each individual child as well as capturing the connection that exist between the children.   


photography session for one child + 15 images  $400

photography session for two children + 30 images  $600 

photography session for three children + 40 images  $800

photography session for four or more children, please inquire (or purchase the family package :)!


maternity photography

A quiet shoot that often lasts 1 - 2 hours, maternity shoots often take place in your home or a an outdoor location.  We spend some time playing with the light and your beautiful angles to celebrate you and you belly.

maternity photography session + 20 images  $500

maternity photography session + newborn family session + 40 images  $1000


senior portraits

Senior portrait sessions are like hanging out at a slumber party for a few hours.   We work together on a few locations before the day of the shoot based on your favorite sports, activities, interests or outfits!  I will recommend some outfits OR we'll choose some locations based on your favorite outfits!   We'll do some serious faces and some not so serious faces and capture the person you have become at this milestone in your life.  Senior sessions include a few outfit changes and a couple of locations.  The result of a senior photography session is an artistic profile you (or your senior!), capturing the adult you have become and the kid that is still in you!

senior photography session + 30 images  + 30 image album $900


wedding photography

Attention to detail and an eye for seeing the intimate moments is what I offer in weddings.   From the gentle embraces, the mother of the bride crying during the ceremony (and the father or bride consoling her), the flower girls, the bride, the bride, the bride, the fleeting moments and little glances... I watch and photograph, seeing and capturing more than you would ever know happened at your wedding.  I capture you in your moment looking more beautiful than you can believe until you see it in front of you.  I work mostly with smaller weddings around 100 or so people.   The result of my wedding photography is a beautiful photographic story of your amazing day.

Most wedding packages are custom made and start around $2000.  Please contact me with the details of your wedding for a price quote.


corporate & commercial photography

I fill a lot of my work week helping corporations build their brands and and images using photography and  social marketing.  Please inquire with your corporate photography needs for package pricing.